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The Say Yes to Seniors Coalition is a data driven advocacy group that has analyzed the availability of resources to support quality aging in Washtenaw and concluded that improvements are needed.  Many other Michigan counties have a higher level of services and the main reason is that 73 of Michigan's 83 counties have a county-wide senior service millage, while Washtenaw County does not.  The documents below provide evidence that supports our assertion that a senior millage is needed in Washtenaw County as well as a citizens Commission on Aging.

14 Reasons Why Washtenaw County Needs a Senior Millage

Washtenaw County Need and Solutions Survey Results

Top 13 County Funding Levels

Responses to Washtenaw Commissioner Questions November 7, 2019

Senior Social Isolation in Washtenaw County

Washtenaw County's Declining Family Caregiver Ratio

Washtenaw Senior Service Comparison Report

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