Groups and organizations can support the Say Yes to Seniors effort to create a senior service Millage in Washtenaw County by adopting a resolution in support of a senior millage.


Click here to download the resolution.  


Any interested citizen or organization that believes we need a senior service millage in Washtenaw County  is welcomed and encouraged to join us in receiving Say Yes to Seniors Coalition email notices and attending meetings.  Our contact informatiion is provided below.


The Say Yes to Seniors Coalition is a voluntary group of senior center  leaders, aging nonprofit service providers, older adults, advocates, and interested individuals who have joined together to advocate for the creatiion of a citizens Commission on Aging to serve as an advisory body to the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners and adoption of a senior service millage for Washtenaw County.  Any interested individual or group is welcome and encouraged to participate in  coalition meetiings and receive coalition email notices. 

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Jim McGuire

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